You don’t just purchase advertising on WHMB TV. You enjoy the “implied endorsement” of WHMB TV  with our faith-based community of viewers. Independent, faith-based television stations, though smaller in audience scale than metro market affiliates, nevertheless have an incredibly loyal audience, young and old alike.  They consider the advertisers we air as “endorsed,”  and have a propensity to engage our advertisers because our viewers  consider our advertisers to be like minded. This is our “community.” Here, you and your message are trusted. WHMB TV offers great advertising value. Today’s marketplace is very competitive. Savvy business owners know that it takes high frequency to cut through the clutter of advertising messages in order to reach their best customers. When you put WHMB TV in the context of all media available our pricing structure, similar to local cable channel access or radio rates, and less expensive than every other Indianapolis broadcast television option, WHMB TV becomes an impact choice of media options!  Let us help you reach your target consumer in our audience, and share your message with them affordably and with high frequency. We can help you grow your business.

The Advertising Staff at WHMB is here to serve you.

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