Milton O. Thompson host of “Playing for Keeps” practices law in Indianapolis.  He has brought his leadership to many high-profile positions:  General Counsel of the Pan American Games, Vice President of Indiana Sports Corporation, Sports Agent, Board Member of the Indianapolis Indians and college All-American baseball star.  In December of 2021 Milt received the prestigious Charles L. Whistler Award presented by GIPC – Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee aimed at improving Indianapolis.  He graduated from Wittenberg University with a B.A. and from Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington.

Milt is strategic managing partner of Grand Slam – a sports, entertainment, and recreation management consulting firm. He is the founder and emeritus director of Indiana RBI , managing partner of MOT Strategies LLC consulting firm, a former certified Contract Advisor with the NFL and NBA Players Association.  Well-known for his work in community development, sports and recreation-planning, and in building community collaborations through effective partnerships, Milt served as President and Interim Director of Big Brothers while merging with Big Sisters to create Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Indiana. He also played a key role in negotiating the merger between the Legacy Fund and the Indianapolis Foundation in 1997 to create the Central Indiana Community Foundation.  Milt is former member of the  Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board as well as former board member of Tourism Tomorrow and Visit Indy.  Milt is chairman of the English Foundation, vice chairman of  Crown Hill Heritage Foundation and vice chairman of Crown Hill Board of Managers.

His commitment to the community is attested by his many civic involvements including serving as former chairman of the Indianapolis Foundation and as the President of the Indiana University School of Law Board of Visitors as well as President of its Alumni Association.

A former First Team All-American baseball player at his college alma mater, Milt has served as a member of the college's Wittenberg Board of Trustees since July 1998 and is now an Emeritus Director. A former Marion County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, his honors include the 2004 Business & Philanthropy Award from the National Center for Black Philanthropy, Washington, D.C., and being included on the "Indiana Super Lawyers" list in the March 2005 issue of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. In addition, he is inducted to the most prestigious honor the law school offers as a member of the Academy of Law Alumni Fellows.  He has served as the commissioner of Indiana Lottery commission and recently appointed chair of Indiana state gaming commission.

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Milt Thompson

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Host Milt Thompson gives you the best in sports programming! Enjoy interviews with celebrity sports figures, past and present. Milt, a prominent Indianapolis attorney, has the inside scoop on the movers,shakers and dealmakers in the sports industry!